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Key Features

Import Data

 Data Import Wizard can import data sources to support all systems, such as OFFICE documents, other databases and so on.

Import steps:

  1. select or specify the data source to connect the text, select the purpose of import into the database, point the next step
  2. Select the data source table name, that is, you want to import the table
  3. Designated "Field Name" column corresponds to, which is the data source header
    Function of fast matching options:
    Auto-Match: Match header field name with the same;
    Sequence match: the first column of the table header matches the first field name, the second column matches the second field name, and so on;
    All Reset: Reset all matches
  4. Point "Next" to start importing the data.

common reasons for the failure to import:

  1. field does not allow duplicate values, such as customer name, user name and other fields can not have duplicate data;
  2. imported data is longer than the field limit;
  3. import data format is incorrect.
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